RANEPA website

RANEPA is one of Russia's leading universities in the areas of public policy, public administration, and business administration.

Today RANEPA constitutes a multi-tier educational, research, and training system that reflects a philosophy of life-long learning. RANEPA offers educational and training programs to serve the learning needs of civil servants, entrepreneurs, managers, financiers, and lawyers.

RANEPA is committed to:

  • life-long learning
  • an individualized approach to learning
  • internationalization
  • embracing new educational technologies
  • competency-based education
  • developing centers of excellence

RANEPA Moscow campus includes 13 institutes, schools and departments.

Education for the Public Sector
Over the years, RANEPA has developed many unique programs to train civil servants for federal and regional authorities in Russia. Generations of Russian civil servants have received their training at RANEPA receiving first undergraduate degrees and later attending graduate and short-term programs. RANEPA was one of the first institutions to introduce the МРА (Master of Public Administration) program in Russia to meet the needs of the public sector and develop personnel's talent and capacity.

80% of current regional governors are RANEPA graduates | 60% of federal government officials are RANEPA graduates
A large number of Russia’s state officials are or have been trained at RANEPA.

Tailor-made Executive Program for Tatarstan
RANEPA has developed a unique Executive Master of Public Administration Program for the regional government of Tatarstan. A series of interactive custom training programs delivered in 2010–2011 helped the core team of the Republic’s government executives strengthen their skill-base and provide new perspectives on policy.

Education for the Private Sector
RANEPA dominates the field of professional education for top-level managers at Russian enterprises. RANEPA was a pioneer in the domestic MBA program market and was the first in Russia to receive international accreditation for its MBA program. RANEPA also introduced the first DBA program in Russia and is at the forefront of implementing Executive MBA programs in the country.
RANEPA MBA and ЕМВА programs have been recognized for incorporating best practices and high quality in the Russian business education market. RANEPA business education programs are accredited by international and national accreditation agencies, such as AACSB International, EFMD, and the Association of MBAs.

Over 40% of Russian MBA Graduates Received their Degrees from RANEPA
RANEPA has earned a strong reputation in business education based on cutting-edge research and case analysis of industry practice. The instructors' quality and commitment to teaching ensures high completion rates and industry relevance, resulting in high levels of student satisfaction and employability.
RANEPA academic programs incorporate substantial international components that ensure quality and make the MBA competitive in the international education market.
RANEPA's international outreach places it in a leading position in Russia. RANEPA participates in a number of strategic partnerships that provide students and faculty with opportunities for international mobility, access to an international education, and international training and research. Within the framework of international cooperation, RANEPA is implementing a number of joint degree and non-degree programs and projects at all levels of university and post-graduate education.