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Present day Russia needs highly qualified specialists whose role is particularly high in such areas as foreign economic activity, international commerce, where any wrong decision can have serious consequences for the company and for the state.

Professionals working in international business, provide for the promotion of their companies under challenging conditions, strengthen cooperation between the countries. Therefore, in our university we try and do our best to prepare specialists who are able to represent Russia in economic cooperation with foreign countries, who are interested in professional career of economists, lawyers, financial experts, managers, who are ready to demonstrate good knowledge of international business activity and of several foreign languages in their work.

For 85 years the Academy remains a leading university in the country training professionals in the field of foreign trade and international business. The professors of the Academy have extensive experience in teaching, research and practical work in international commerce. Textbooks, study-guides and training kits in various disciplines, developed at the Academy, as well as curricula, business cases and creative activities are focused on training, education and formation of professionals, equipped with all resources of modern international business.
  • 85 years of successful work in higher education;
  • 50 years of experience in training international students;
  • High ratings among Russian universities; one of the top-5 universities among 470 Russian state institutions of higher education in terms of its requirements to Russian National Examination Results demonstrated by the matriculated applicants;
  • A state accredited institution of higher education having a valid state license and issuing state standard diplomas;
  • MBA Programs accredited by European Council for Business Education - ЕСВЕ;
  • A university which, in accordance with the Presidential Order, is equated with federal and national research universities in terms of opportunities to develop and approve its own educational standards at all levels of higher education;
  • A full service university providing training programs of all levels: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate, - to train highly qualified professionals for foreign economic activity;
  • A university with its own Thesis Board for the research works in Economics;
  • A university occupying its special niche in the educational market, i.e. training professionals who form and implement Russian foreign economic policy;
  • The only university subordinated to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development;
  • The institution, where training is carried out in small groups allowing for individual approach to each trainee;
  • The university, where original methods are developed for teaching specialized disciplines of foreign trade profile;
  • The university, which has developed unique methods of teaching foreign languages. Foreign language training programs provide for compulsory learning of two foreign languages. Special attention is given to training in business aspects of foreign languages;
  • The training center providing professional training for foreign missions abroad;
  • Highly qualified teaching staff, with extensive practical experience in teaching and research work;
  • The leading research center on the problems of international trade, law, foreign economic policy of Russia;
  • The university having state-of-the-art equipment and perfect facilities including one of the most advanced university-purpose sports and recreation complexes;
  • Partnerships with foreign educational centers of the same profile;
  • The university located near the center of Moscow, in a quiet and peaceful area;
  • The institution providing for continuity of generations: parents who graduated from the RFTA bring their children to learn here.