Established as result of a merger of the Universite Joseph Fourier, the Universite Pierre-Mendes-France and the Universite Stendhal, the Universite Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is a major actor in France’s sector of higher education and science. In the world where the competition is becoming an important factor of development, the UGA endeavors to respond to all the present and future challenges faced by universities and be more high-profile and attractive on the international level.

·       46 000 students
·       Budget: 506 000 000 €
·       Area: 511 000 m2
·       66 sports grounds
·       10 libraries

Owing to its developed scientific infrastructure made up of 80 labs working in partnership with large research institutions, the UGA’s research meets interdisciplinary and innovation principles. The UGA’s educational programs cover all disciplinary fields.
·       23 departments (higher schools and institutes)
·       29 Bachelor’s degree programs
·       63 Master’s degree programs
·       Architecture, human and social science and  urban planning
·       Art, culture and languages
·       Biology, chemistry, medicine and STAPS
·       Law, economics, political science and management
·       Environment, geosciences and physics
·       Informatics, mathematics, information sciences and technology
·       Engineering  

For its high standard of academic services, research and innovations, as well as effective international cooperation, the UGA was awarded the "Initiative d’exellence" (Idex) mark in January 2016. Participation in this project will permit France’s best universities to receive state support and go global.