The first stage of the First Youth Forum of the French-Russian University, an annual event held alternately between Russia and France, will take place on November 25, 2021.  The topic for the 2021/2022 Forum is “Environment, Climate and Global Change”.  The First FRU Youth Forum will explore the climate agenda through the prism of five sustainable development goals (SDG), which will help create an integrated approach to addressing climate change and pollution. We only have ten years to go before we take stock of the SDG implementation in all the countries that have voluntarily committed to them. Russia and France, among others, have signed up to these commitments, and the participants of this Forum will discuss the key SDGs from the viewpoint of national interests and international agreements in the field of environmental protection and global change.   About 100 students from Russia and France have completed the screening competitions at their educational institutions, and will now participate in the first stage of the Forum. Five Russian FRU members have chosen five of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and set up five French-Russian student teams, assigning one goal to each team. 

On November 25, the students will meet online for three thematic lectures. At the same time, they will divide into groups and discuss the plans for working on their respective SDGs, together with the curator of each team. Then French and Russian participants will continue working together online. Their work will culminate in projects to be presented by each of the five groups during the face-to-face part of the Forum, which will take place in Moscow in March 2022.

Agenda for the November stage

In the first part of the Pre-Forum three thematic lectures will be held :

• “Global climate change, its causes, possible consequences, ways of mitigation and adaptation” (M. Yulkin)
•  “Is there a solution to the garbage problem?” (S. Tushev)
• “FRU alumni: sharing experience in Russia” (M. Tempez)

Russian FRU members have prepared the agenda for the second part of the Pre-forum, setting up five French-Russian student teams and choosing one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for each team:

• RANEPA Group – SDG 17 – Partnership for Sustainable Development
• NRNU MEPhI Group – SDG 7 – “Ensuring Universal Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All”
• RUDN Group – SDG 11 – “Sustainable Development and Energy Security of Small and Medium-sized Cities”
• ITMO University Group – SDG 12 – “Responsible Consumption and Production”
• RFTA Group – SDG 13 – “Climate Action. Green Finance”.