On October 25, 2018 in the Russian Spiritual and Cultural Centre in Paris (France) the third international conference “Partnership of France and Russia: Digital Revolution and Innovative Educational Technologies” will take place. The Conference is organized by Russian-French Centre of IPACS (Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service) of RANEPA (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) in cooperation with the International Association of University Professors and Assistant Professors of UNESCO (IAUPL) with support of diplomatic missions of Russia in France and France in Russia. French and Russian experts in the field of digitization of the higher education, creation of open educational resources, development of innovative educational technologies will be the key speakers of the Conference.  At the Conference the recommendations will be given to the Russian universities on the matter of educational programs internationalization in the remote format in the foreign languages, developed for the control point of the priority project “Development of Export Potential of the Russian Education System”, implemented by the experts team under the leadership of Igor Bartsits, the director of Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service RANEPA. The discussion focused on the matter of practical implementation of the points of the Road Map of the Russian-French cooperation in the spheres of higher education and scientific research will be based on the two key subjects: 1.                 Digitization of higher education and investigating activities and development of the higher school under the conditions of digital revolution. 2.                  Formation of a digital state and role of universities and the academic community in this process. During discussion of the main points, such crucial issues as the future distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and crypto currencies, government transformation under the influence of technological development, strengths and weaknesses of digital education will as well be considered. The Conference precedes the ordinary meeting of FRU Board planned for October 26 in Rheims. The event will take place on the platform of business school NEOMA, the major partner of RANEPA and a cofounder of FRU. The mandate of the President of FRU – at present this honourable position is held by Vladimir Aleksandrovich Mau – is given for a period of one year. In accordance with the Articles of Association at the forthcoming session of the Board the President will be re-elected, and, for the rotation ensuring, management of FRU will be passed to the French party. Other important event will be representation of new FRU participants of both the Russian, and the French parties. It is known that a number of educational organizations pretend to enter the FRU, however, considering strict selection and conditions of a priority, no details are still disclosed by the Council.