The 10th Gaidar forum, ‘RUSSIA AND THE WORLD: National Development Goals and Global Trends’, is to be held at RANEPA from January 15 to 17, 2019.  

Every year, the forum brings together theorists and practitioners, leading world scholars and politicians, representatives of financial communities and global business elite — those, who with their achievements influence the socio-economic development of regions and states. The forum’s discussions are traditionally focused on the most pressing challenges of the present day. Particular importance is paid to topics connected with reflection on the Russia’s position and strategic role the country plays in the world. Leading experts are invited to discuss topical issues of the global political architecture, social priorities, regional policies and public administration.

The Gaidar forum 2019 will also be attended by the Russian and French University. It is expected that a regular working meeting of the RFU Council will take place, as well as RFU is to take part in sessions dedicated to issues of bilateral cooperation of Russia and France in the field of science, education and social cooperation.