For eight years in succession, purposeful students who have passed successfully a comprehensive selection procedure are granted a unique opportunity to spend a few weeks in a breath-taking environment of the International Summer Campus and master their theoretical knowledge, as well as leadership and creative skills required for personal growth. Campus participants are students from different countries and cities. By working in multinational teams, they gain and upgrade practical skills in project activities and learn to develop and apply a strategic approach to decision-making.   

The project was established on the initiative of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Campus’s mission is to create conditions for communication of talented young people and formation of the new generation of the country’s intellectual elite.   

This year, the RANEPA’s International Summer Campus: “Innovations and Trends” will be held in the Republic of Tatarstan on July 11-24.   Apart from educational programs, the International Summer Campus offers a vast cultural and entertainment program: students will visit various interesting sights in Kazan, the capital city, and in and about the Republic of Tatarstan and participate in different games and creativity competitions. 

The detailed information and terms of participation are available on the International Summer Campus’s Web-site:http://www.campus4youth.com/ .