On 16-18 January 2018 Gaidar Forum will be held in Moscow by RANEPA. One of the Forum section will be dedicated to the matters of the ‘Trianon dialogue’ Russian and French Forum and will be attended by the FRU’s  representatives. According to the decision made at a regular meeting of the Council of Rectors/ Presidents/ General Directors of the FRU that took place on October 20, 2017 the French-Russian University will work closely with the ‘Trianon dialogue’.
The ‘Trianon dialogue’ Forum format provides for conducting events aimed at development of cooperation between the societies of the two countries: academic and educational projects, youth projects, projects promoting familiarization of the citizens with the history and culture of the both countries, as well as events aimed at strengthening and development of companies’ business cooperation.

The ‘Trianon dialogue’ activities each year will focus on a new priority topic, in 2018 the  topic will be  ‘The City of the Future’. ‘Trianon dialogue’: the City of the Future’ section, which is to take place on 16 January 2018 within the Gaidar Forum in RANEPA, will open the ‘Trianon dialogue’ Forum corresponding series of events. Within the session experts will discuss the following issues:

1. How does the City change as a result of development of technologies?
2. How does the urban living environment change?
3. How is the interaction of the City and the society built?
4. How will the interaction between the City and the University change?