From 16 to 18 January 2018 Gaidar Forum will be held in RANEPA, within which will be introduced the section ‘Trianon dialogue’: Russian and French Cooperation in the field of Education’ . The objective of this session is to discuss the issues of the Russian and French university educational and academic cooperation. In both countries multi-stage projects are implemented aimed at strengthening the positions of universities in the international education environment, as well as projects aimed at education export development.

The experience of the Russian and French cooperation in the field of education and science can be characterized by a large number of mutual education programs, student and academic exchanges, mutual research projects. One such example is the French-Russian University established in 2016.

Besides, an official meeting of the Russian and French Presidents that took place on May 29, 2017 initiated a new stage of development of cooperation between these two countries within the ‘Trianon dialogue’ civil societies Forum format. It is obvious that education and science will become one of the key elements of this format and it will provide a momentum for development of new projects.

The second objective of this session is to discuss the issues of development of cooperation between international business education programs and companies, as well as development of approaches to involvement of talented graduates of  business schools in international and transnational companies.   Directors of RANEPA and RFTA  (Russian Foreign Trade Academy) business schools career centers, French business schools NEOMA BS, SKEMA BS, EDHEC BS, representatives of international companies operating both in Russia and France shall discuss the following issues:    

Within the session experts will discuss the issues of compliance of international business education programs with the requirements set by companies to graduates of such programs, and will consider how business schools ensure compliance of developed education programs with the companies’ requirements and what role business schools career centers play in students’ employment.