On 17 January, in Moscow, as a part of the Gaidar Forum, the Rector of RANEPA V.A. Mau and representatives of two leading French business schools, Patrice Houdayer, the Deputy General Director of SKEMA BS, and Celine Davesne, the Deputy General Director of NEOMA BS, signed agreements for double diploma programs, that, taking into account the development of the ‘Trianon dialogue’ and French-Russian University (FRU), are one of the landmark projects of Russian and French cooperation in the field of education.
Cooperation of the IBS RANEPA and NEOMA BS provides students of the both countries with the opportunity to receive education according to a trilingual 4-year bachelor’s degree program and to obtain two diplomas (of RANEPA and NEOMA BS).   The agreement for launch of the double diploma program ‘Doing Business In’ with the SKEMA BS provides master’s degree students with a unique opportunity to receive knowledge and skills of doing business in two countries chosen by the student: Russia, France, China, USA or Brazil.  

The both double diploma programs on the Russian side will be implemented by IBS RANEPA – one of the leading structures within RANEPA that has been successfully working in the business education field for more than 30 years.  Currently, IBS RANEPA already implements 71 student exchange programs and 16 programs providing the opportunity to obtain a double diploma with partner universities all around the world, many of which have the Triple Crown Accreditation.

Cooperation with French business schools has always had a special place in development of international cooperation by IBS: currently, the Institute cooperates with 12 French business schools. Within the French-Russian University activities, IBS RANEPA has received an impetus to develop new projects of the bachelor’s and master’s degree and Executive MBA program level, which draw an increasing attention not only of Russian students and listeners, but of French students, too. So, the number of French students only during the last year increased twice, and maximum possible amounts of academic exchange with a number of business schools have been reached on each side as well.    

Gaidar Forum is an annual international academic and practical conference in the field of economics. The Forum has been held since 2010. Organizers of the Forum are: Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), E.T. Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy and Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR). 
 IBS RANEPA is engaged in implementation of several dozens of high-quality programs covering the whole cycle of business training from the first higher education and up to trainings for chief executives. Is an active member of all leading global and Russian business school associations (RABE, CEEMAN, IBSA). Among the different years graduates of the Institute are famous personalities and true professionals in their businesses, which are included in the ‘TOP-1,000 Russian Managers’ rating (a mutual project by the Association of Russian Managers and Kommersant Publishing House that is a tool for objective assessment of the professional reputation of leading Russian senior managers). In total, for the period from 2001 to 2016, 131 IBS listeners, graduates and teachers were included in the ‘TOP-1,000 Russian Managers’ rating; among them 31 people were marked in the 2016 rating.