The May 3-4 the International Scientific and Practical Conference called ‘The Future of France and Russia in a Post-Crisis World: Civil Society Dialogue in Education, Science and Economy’ took place at Nice. The event continued the bilateral dialogue and justified the mutual interest of France and Russia in promotion of scientific and humanitarian collaboration, enhancing of global interaction. The conference approved the desire of both countries to affront the limits of political statements and to continue the collaboration on the practical level e.g. municipal level.

According to Emmanuel Tric, the President of the Nice Sophia Antipolis University and one of the speakers of the conference, we are speaking about the long-term collaboration: the French-Russian University, the joint university researches, the development of universities’ territories – all this demand the thought-out work including the strategic and tactic planning.

The vast specter of questions was discussed: from the academic exchanges to the joint scientific laboratories, from the civilization values to the creation of the AI for the development of inclusion and urbanization.

The dialogue will be continued on the frame of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum where the French delegation headed by the President of France Emmanuel Macron is expected.