The teacher is one of the most spread professions all over the world. During the history it changed widely bringing new understandings and rejecting the outdated one. Even now – due to the dual nature of the matter of education itself - there is no common understanding of pedagogical profession. What is education in XXI centaury? Is it a service or a public good? The teacher does his business of he acts by the vocation?

Today we think that the primary task of the teacher is “to learn how to learn”. This formula translated by official international documents is based on the idea that the system of transmission of knowledge was changed. In the world where the answer could be given in one click, the student better skilled in IT than his teacher could easily create an illusion of knowing by efficient use of on-line encyclopedia. The teachers of the foreign language are even more criticized. Each language represents a dynamic structure demanding the permanent practice and training. Also the phonetic requires the systematic communication with the native – literate – speakers, that`s not so accessible for teachers. In the same time the modern youth seizes gladly the thousands of opportunities to integrate in language environment: from open linguistic clubs to exchange programs.

In these conditions the integration of teachers in the open education space is eminent for the exchange of experience, update of information on pedagogical trends as well as enrichment of pedagogical methodology.

In the frame of the FRU the RANEPA Institute for Social Sciences together with the University of Nice starts the series of methodological videoconferences on the French language.

The program of conferences includes:
  • Cross-cultural specialties of French language` teaching;
  • European system of competences as a basis of planning of education programs for students of non-linguistic educational organizations;
  • Strategy of education and its role in education learning;
  • Methods and technics of an active lesson in the context of communication-action approach.
The seminars would be useful to the teachers of French seeking for the modern methods of education applicable to their every-day practice for boosting the efficiency of their lessons.

The University of Nice and in particular the Department of Didactics of the French Language are the one of most known centers of teachers of the French as a foreign language` training. The professors of the Department are the well-known authors of schoolbooks and tutorials on methodology of education.

In the same time the RANEPA ISS develops the modern methods of education of the French language. The students of RANEPA successfully pass the international linguistic exams, go to internship to France and participate in events by the Embassy of France in Russia.

We will keep you in touch with the schedule of meetings so follow our news. They wont be late.