The soviet methodology of teaching of foreign language was focused on learning of grammar. Nowadays the linguistic skills are more prioritized. However this issue is still in question.

FRU invited teachers of French as foreign language as well as all interested to discuss the role of grammar and methods of teaching in the frame of communicative and procommunicative approaches under the direction of Jean-Pierre Cuq, outstanding linguist and didactician, methodologist  and professor of Department of didactics of UNS.

He use to be a head of International Association of  Professors of French Language. Chevalier of National of Merit and Academic Palm, Jean-Pierre Cuq specializes on teaching of French as foreign or second language. The special place in his bibliography takes a Dictionary of didactic of French as foreign or second language.

Today when the concrete linguistic problems have to be resolved, the most efficient methods of education and training are in demand. We discussed the subjects of declarative and  and procedural memory as well as transferable knowledge, fondamental concepts of grammar learning and basis of linguistic competence.