Development of FRU represents one of the top goals aimed to strengthen the French-Russian partnership in higher education and academic research.

As per the Roadmap signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on May 25, 2018 by Mikhail Kotyukov, Minister of Science and Higher Education, and Sylvie Bermann, Ambassador of France to Russia, FRU is an important instrument in the development of university collaboration. This document specifies general medium- and long-term milestones for the partnership in higher education and academic research.

It is expected that the number of participants in FRU will increase to 10 on each side (at the moment, five Russian and four French universities take part in the project), whilst the number of students will exceed 1,500 per year.

The importance of training future professionals and researchers for the French-Russian collaboration in the field of economics and management as well as facilitating development of academic collaborations in high tech and social sector are emphasised in the Roadmap.

Acknowledgement of the strategic role of FRU in the development of the French-Russian relationship on a national level is a significant step-up for the universities participating in the project.