The French-Russian University (FRU) extends its collaboration with EDHEC Business School, one of the most prominent business schools in France.

A new agreement has been signed by Vladimir Mau, the Vice-Chancellor of RANEPA (the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration), Sergey Myasoedov, the Provost of RANEPA and the director of the Institute of Business Studies (IBS) at RANEPA, Emmanuel Metais, the Dean of EDHEC Business School and Richard Perrin, Associate Dean for International Relations of EDHEC.

The joint Master’s programme of the IBS RANEPA and Sberbank, called FinTech, whose partner is EDHEC Business School is already being delivered at FRU. Both parties believe that this new agreement will help to strengthen and widen the Russian and French cultural exchange and strengthen the association of the two countries.

Sergey Myasoedov, the Provost of RANEPA and the director of the Institute of Business Studies (IBS) at RANEPA noted: “The collaboration agreement signed by RANEPA and EDHEC is a symbolic event not only for the Russian business education, but also for the higher education as a whole. We know that Russian higher education institutions sign many similar cooperation agreements with foreign partners. However, as a rule we do not pay particular attention to the fact that these are agreements with the middle-tier universities at best and not with the leaders of the global education. Leaders of the foreign business education are reluctant to share their brands and participate in significant joint projects with foreign partners. In this light, the collaboration agreement signed by RANEPA and the best school of finance in France, whose Master’s programmes were acknowledged to be the best in the world (!) in 2017, is a sensation of a kind and a special occasion in our business education. This confirms that RANEPA and IBS RANEPA, one of its leading business schools, are de facto recognised as one of the best business schools in the world as well as worthy partners, whose programmes’ quality is consistent with the world standards”.