The meeting was opened by Vladimir Mau, President of RFU and Rector of RANEPA, and was attended by: Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev, Vice-Rector of RANEPA and Rector of Russian Foreign Trade Academy (VAVT) of the Russian Ministry for Economic Development; Emmanuel Tric, President of Sophia Antipolis University of Nice, and Stephane Ngo Mai, Vice-President for Strategy and Development; Delphine Manceau, Director General, and Celine Davesne, Deputy Director General of NEOMA Business School; Oleg Nagornov, First Vice-Rector of National Research Nuclear University (NRNU) MEPhI; Yury Moseykin, Head of the National Economy Department of the Economic Faculty of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN); Patrice Houdayer, Deputy Director General, Director of Internationalization and Students’ Life Programs of SKEMA Business School.

At the meeting, RFU’s Secretariat presented a report. At present, 21 educational programs are being implemented on the University platform, and another 27 programs are under development. More than 400 students are enrolled in the RFU’s programs, 197 of which were enrolled in 2018. On the University platform, 12 summer schools have been opened, a cycle of methodical videoconferences in French took place for students and teachers, as well as a series of meetings in the form of lectures on French poetry and literature, and research studies are carried out. The RFU’s activities are covered extensively on the official web-site and on the official Facebook page.

A plan of promoting Russian-French University and its brand was disclosed. Also, a registration of the RFU trademark was initiated. The Council members decided to focus on creation of unique interdisciplinary programs and discussed the opportunities of implementing this initiative. Celine Davesne, Deputy Director General of NEOMA Business School, told about measures taken to involve business in the RFU’s educational process. RFU’s Secretariat prepared a Provision on the Russian-French University Partner Status and developed a business presentation; currently, negotiations are carried out with large companies regarding work placement for RFU’s students and graduates.

At the meeting, several cooperation agreements were signed: - Exchange Agreement between VAVT of the Russian Ministry for Economic Development and SKEMA BS. - Agreement on Dual Master’s Diploma Program between VAVT of the Russian Ministry for Economic Development and IAE UNS.

- Cooperation Protocol between Institute of Law and National Safety (ILNS) of RANEPA and Institute of the Right of Peace and Development (IDPD).

- Agreement on Dual Bachelor’s Diploma Program in the field of Economics and Management between  Northwestern Institute of Management (NWIM) of RANEPA and ISEM UNS.

- Academic Mobility Programs Implementation Agreement between Faculty of Economic and Social Studies (FESS) of RANEPA and SKEMA BS.

- Agreement on Carrying Out a Research Study on Crypto-currencies, Crypto Assets and Monetary Policy between RANEPA, Sophia Antipolis University of Nice and National Center of Research.

- Protocol of Intent between Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of RANEPA and Faculty of Philology, Arts and Humanitarian Studies of Sophia Antipolis University of Nice regarding implementation of Dual Master’s Diploma Program in Philology.

An important item of the agenda was the re-election of the FRU’s President, who is elected on the basis of annual rotation in accordance with the Charter. Vladimir Mau nominated Emmanuel Trick, President of the UNS, unanimously supported by the Council members.

At the end of the meeting, Vladimir Mau proposed to hold a traditional working meeting of the Council at the Gaidar Forum 2019.