On 8 November in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Paris a meeting of Mr Mikhail M. Kotyukov, the Russian Science and Higher Education Minister, and Mrs Frederique Vidal, the French Higher Education, Research and Innovation Minister, took place.

As Mrs Vidal wrote on her Twitter page, the main topic of the meeting was expansion of academic cooperation and strengthening of academic mobility between Russia and France. An important document setting out joint objectives and priorities of bilateral interaction in the field of higher education and research is the Road Map signed on 25 May 2018 on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum by Minister Mikhail M. Kotyukov and Mrs Sylvie Bermann, the Ambassador of France to the Russian Federation. The Road Map assigns RFU the status of a key tool of university cooperation development, in particular, of intensification of academic mobility flows between Russia and France. It is expected that discussion of the Road Map implementation related issues will be the topic of activities of the Bilateral Commission for Scientific and Technical Cooperation, another meeting of which is to take place next fall in Russia.