On January 17, 2019 on the basis of Gaidar Forum 2019 a workshop venue of the French-Russian University took place, attended by Emmanuel Tric, the President of the FRU, the President of UNS (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis); Vladimir Mau, the Rector of RANEPA; Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev, the Rector of the RFTA (Russian Foreign Trade Academy) of the Ministry of Economic Development; Nur Kirabaev, the First Vice-Rector of RUDN (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia); Oleg Nagornov, the First Vice-Rector of MEPhI (National Research Nuclear University); Michel Motte, the Director for International Academic Affairs, NEOMA Business School.   Creation of an opportunity for students to undergo internship while studying the FRU programs remains one of the priorities of the consortium. French and Russian enterprises are actively negotiated with for engaging the business in the educational process. The participants also discussed the concept of the FRU Summer School which is scheduled to start in summer of 2019.   One of the main discussion subjects was the development and implementation of joint programs, including the individualization of educational tracks, development of the interdisciplinary programs tailored to the needs of the labour market, expansion of the pool of online educational programs. The participants appointed a provisional date for the next meeting of the FRU Board where they are expected to discuss and approve the plan for interaction with the business community. FRU is a consortium of leading Russian and French educational organizations interested in development and institutionalization of joint projects. It was founded on April 04, 2016, in accordance with the final Protocol of the XXI Session of the Russian-French Council for Economics, Finance, Industry and Commerce (CEFIC). The main objective of the FRU is to promote academic mobility of students, to develop joint network educational programs and research, to implement various innovative programs aimed at improving the quality of education. At the moment 21 educational programs are being implemented within the FRU, another 27 are being developed.  In total, more than 400 students are being trained in the FRU programs.