On July 11, 2019, at the meeting of the Council of Presidents/Rectors/General Directors of the French-Russian University the representatives of the members of the consortium unanimously endorsed admission of the Aix-Marseille University (AMU) and the Grenoble Alpes University (UGA) to the French-Russian University (FRU).    

Founded in 1339, the UGA is one of the first universities of France. Having passed through multiple transformations, the latest one – the merger of three universities of Grenoble – in 2016, the UGA has a key role to play in promotion of higher education and R&D in France.  

The history of the AMU dates back to the establishment of the University of Provence in 1409. Since then, the university largely expanded and split into several universities which joined together into the AMU in 2012. As a leading university of France, the AMU carries out its activities in compliance with the principles of interdisciplinarity, innovation and open international cooperation. 

The UGA and the AMU include France’s nine best universities selected for participation in the IDEX government funding program (the Initiative of Excellence). The IDEX project is aimed at establishing in France a world-class academic and research community through provision of financial support to the most ambitious and innovation projects. Having secured the IDEX mark, universities should gradually strive to achieve the objectives set and upgrade their activities to retain their positions in the project. Participation in the IDEX program is a guarantee of the university’s excellence and its drive to develop further.

With the AMU and the UGA joining the FRU, not only the range of potential educational programs will be largely expanded, but also the active interdisciplinary R&D cooperation will be started.