On 16 November 2019 in Moscow the 33rd International Fair of Education took place, which was attended by Russian and foreign institutions of higher education. The FRU (French-Russian University) stand and the report of the consortium representatives excited great interest among the visitors of the farther FRU Secretariat told the applicants about Russian and French universities and business schools that are a part of the consortium. Also, the FRU educational programs were presented, including the programs of two diplomas, summer schools and student exchange programs. The important advantages of training in FRU programs are the possibility to form the individual curriculum, interdisciplinarity of courses, as well as a chance to get two diplomas and an opportunity to study in the best educational institutions in Russia and France.

The 33rd International Fair of Education was aimed primarily at high school seniors and the students who are interested in the possibility of studying abroad. With the variety of participants, everyone could choose the field and the training format interesting for him / her. The participants of the fair presented not only bachelor and master degree educational programs, but also the short exchange programs and business education. Every year the fair becomes the first step in the calendar of preparation for the next academic year: open days begin in November at major universities, and one can apply for admission to foreign universities until February.