On October 28, 2019, the RANEPA’s delegation together with Russian partners from the FRU, the RUDN University and the Russian Foreign Trade Academy visited the Aix Marseille University. It was the first visit by the FRU’s delegation in an expanded format to the university which joined the FRU in July 2019. The meeting was aimed at discussing the prospective lines of further cooperation and their formats.
The moderator of the meeting in France was Irina Zguralskaya, representative of the RANEPA in France and the Principality of Monaco. On the Russian side, the visit was sponsored by the RANEPA’s Center for Russian-French Cooperation.  On the French side, the meeting was moderated by Sylvie Davier, Vice President for International Relations, the Aix Marseille University and Pierre Ciappetta, Vice President for Science, the Aix Marseille University. The work with various departments of the Aix Marseille University was organized in the format of working groups: law and political sciences; economics and management; state and municipal governance; art, literature, philology and liberal arts; journalism and communications.
The RANEPA’ s delegation included Larisa Taradina, Director for Development of International Education and Cooperation, RANEPA; Yelena Svinarenko, Director for the Center of Russian-French Cooperation, RANEPA; Sergei  Maruyev, Deputy Dean of the Department of Economics, Math and IT, RANEPA; Alexander Chichin, Dean of the Department of Economics and Social Sciences, RANEPA;  Valentina Komleva, Dean of the Department of International  Regional Studies and Regional Management, IPACS RANEPA; Yelena Kireyeva, Dean of the Department of HR Management and Civil Service,  IPACS RANEPA; Oleg Zaitsev, Dean of  the Higher School of Law, IPACS RANEPA; Liana Kuznetsova, Deputy Dean of the Department of Finance and Banking, RANEPA; Viktor Barabash, Dean of the Philological Department, RUDN University; Yekaterina Nedopekina, FRU Coordinator at the RUDN University; Natalia Poplavskaya, Deputy Dean for International Activities, RUDN University; Irina Shkolyar, Head of the International Department of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy and other representatives of departments and institutes of the RANEPA, the RFTA and the RUDN University.
Participants in the meeting formulated a number of topics for the long-term cooperation and feasible work formats. The first step in this direction could become joint research, publications and participation of students and postgraduates in scientific round tables and conferences. In future, it is planned to promote academic mobility, as well as the mobility of postgraduates and professors. Though the “double diploma” programs and the joint academic advising require further elaboration, they have already attracted the colleagues’ interest.