On March 11, 2021, Russian Foreign Trade Academy (RFTA) hosted a presentation of a unique book, Design Thinking as an Innovative Approach in Business: Methodology and Practice. The project was developed jointly with SKEMA Business School, by a French-Russian University interdisciplinary working group, Design Thinking in the Global World.

The authors of the book are Anna Komarova, PhD, Professor at the Management and Marketing Department (RFTA), Anna Badulina, PhD, Lecturer at the Management and Marketing Department (RFTA), and Professor Marcos Lima, director of master's programs (SKEMA Business School). This book will help students explore design thinking, become familiar with the methodology and practical use of this management tool, making their approach to management more innovative.

Earlier, RFTA and SKEMA presented the results of a major international educational and research project, Design Thinking in International Business: Practices and Tendencies of its Implementation in Russian and French Companies. The project involved over180 master's students from RFTA and SКEMA, representing 104 Russian and French companies from various fields. While participating in the project, they became familiar with a modern cross-functional management technology and acquired skills in using design thinking tools.