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Russia, France
Language of study
Russian, English
Duration of program
Academic year 2018-2019
1 term
Mode of study
full time
For the academic year 2018/2019:
Expenses in RANEPA - €3,000
Expenses in UNS - €4,000
Chef of program
Seda Nasibian, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Dean of Department of Finance and Banking, RANEPA
Margarita Ivinskaia, Candidate of Economics, Head of educational program, Department of Finance and Banking, RANEPA
In 2018, in the frame of activity of the French-Russian University, Department of Finance and Banking is going to implement the double degree program in partnership with IAE Nice Graduate School of Management on the basis of the following programs existing in the department:
1. МВА “Digital Banking and Finance” Training of a highly professional bank manager, who will be able to manage and know innovative digital technologies and management tools.
2. MBA "Business, Accounting and Law". The program is aimed at intended for leaders able to set and solve reach strategic and tactical methods goals issues of the company growth and to harmonize business communications based on the integration of interdisciplinary competences from different fields.