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Duration of study
1 term
Language of study
Russian, English, French
Mode of study
full time
€643 (national and special fee) + €90 (accommodation fee) in 2019/2020 school year
Chef of program
Kuzina Ekaterina, head of international policy E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The first year of master's degree (1st and 2nd semesters) students take place in their main educational organization, the 3rd semester at the partner University, the 4th-in their educational organization. During the first year of study, students can study some courses remotely at the partner University. Up to 15 students from each partner University can participate in the full-time program, up to 25 students from each partner University can participate in the part - time program. To obtain a final grade in both organizations, a student must submit a final qualifying work (at least 100 pages). The work is performed in French with annotations in Russian and English. For submission to the educational organization the work must be translated into the national language. To participate in the program, a student must be fluent in Russian and English (level B2) and French (C1) - for Russian students, as well as submit diplomas and a motivation letter.