Certificate type: Certificate of completion
Start date: 02 Jul 2018
Duration: Flexible
Cost: Free
Community: 44 Students

The purpose of this course is to provide students with information on the factors that shape societies and communities (as well is personality) and the effects of changes in these factors on the further development of the globalized society.

Understanding of the factors affecting society and personality development

Ability to mark out developmental factors for a community or a specific person and make predictions based on this information

Comprehension of economic development and its role in the society development

Ability to mark out and resolve issues and problems occurring when moving within and between communities

Understanding of the globalization processes on the world scale

Comprehension of the modern-day globalization processes and ability to predict further development of communities

This course provides an in-depth overview of the various factors that affect the way certain groups of people live, think and feel, how they communicate with each other and with outsiders, what values they see as important, how they behave in common and uncommon situations, etc. and how they react to specific changes in their environment.

Author: Alexandra Vorobyeva - Associate Professor of the Department of Social Pedagogy of the Institute of Foreign Languages