Certificate type: Certificate of completion 
Start date: Start any date
Duration: Flexible 
Cost: Free 
Community: 73 Students
Subject area: Ecology
Number of lecture modules: 6
Explain unusual properties of water, Describe the sources of water pollution Introduction to modelling, identifying problems, conceptualization and using mathematical tools to solve surface water quality and ground water quality problems Understand the idea, methodology and basic tools of water quality modelling Understand the different modelling approaches, their scope and limitationsdevelop models based on the mass-balance approach predict the impact of the of external waste loading on different water bodies predict and generate future conditions under various loading scenarios or management/intervention action alternatives Identify problems, conceptualise, formulate a model using few basic parameters Application of optimization techniques to water resources problems like water allocation from reservoir to different users Ability to distinguish between various water quality models and optimization techniques and choose an appropriate one to suit the objectives to be satisfied.

Taught by: Anna Kurbatova - Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Monitoring and Forecasting, Faculty of Ecology