ITMO University
Language of study
5 weeks
You will start from the basic tools of the Internet of Things technology and will finish with a high-level programming. During this program you will work on IoT projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32 hardware. At first part of the program we’ll focus on the IoT basics, like: Definition of IoT devices with use cases and scenarios for IoT; IoT hardware design including Arduino and Espressif SoCs; IoT sensors and actuators, their connectivity and its programmatic control; Programming in C++ general and specific for aforementioned SoCs; IP networking principles for Espressif SoCs. The second part is about programming solutions and include several topics: IoT network topologies including star and mesh, device to device, device to gateway and device to cloud; 6LoWPan and its relation to IPv4 and IPv6; General information about Bluetooth Scatternet and Bluetooth Mesh (5.0) network topologies; Cellular communication principles and their use in IoT solutions; Information about hardware and operating systems for Raspberry Pi platform; Programming (including GPIO and interfacing sensors and actuators) in Python for Raspberry Pi under Raspbian OS. This includes basic information on OS installation and development environment configuration.

Taught by: Dmitrii Dobriborsci, Igor Pantiukhin, Aleksandr Kapitonov, Krzysztof Tokarz, Piotr Czekalski, Salvatore Distefano, Karlis Berkolds and Agris Nikitenko