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This engineering course is designed to introduce students to a range of concepts, ideas and models used in nuclear reactor physics. This course will focus on the physical theory of reactors and methods of experimental studies of the neutron field.
This course is based on the course “Neutron transport theory” which has been taught at the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” for the past 20 years.
What you'll learn:
• Define basic processes that may occur in the reactor core, laws, equations, and the limits of applicability of models describing the neutron field in the reactor;
• Demonstrate practical experience of calculating the distribution of neutrons in media;
• Demonstrate the ability to analyze the process of slowing down neutrons in various media (typical for nuclear fission reactors) from the standpoint of understanding the physics of the process;
• Evaluate important reactor parameters including performance and safety.

Taught by: Yury Volkov

Enroll: https://www.classcentral.com/course/nuclear-reactor-physics-basics-11653